Friday, October 07, 2011

Just Another Steve Jobs Tribute

So, with all the tributes for Steve Jobs running rampant across the internet I wanted to share my first experience with 'Mac'. I accepted a job at a photo lab and was asked at the interview if I knew how to use computers and of course said yes, although it wasn't by any means a joy...the first day came and when it was time to do the office work I was introduced to 'Mac', that very first little box that called Steve "Dad", and chirped happily when I turned it on and then smiled at me...and the love affair began. We intuitively got to know each other and I yearned for the day I could have 'Mac' by my side forever...I finally bought my own first computer, used, from another photographer and it was of course, a Mac...and I've never looked back. Through the incarnations from desktop to laptop he's been by my side, journaling my adventures, carrying my tears through e-mail and facebook, a part of my creativity and joy...and it all started with a chirp and a smile in a Northern California garage....

...So I say Thank You Steve. You gave us our joy and turned the world upside down with your vision and creativity. I will always look to you as my inspiration drawn from a box with a tiny screen who smiled at me ;-)

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