Wednesday, November 27, 2013

Cyber Monday Super Special!

Your one stop shop is here! One day only, Monday, December 2 from 8am to 5pm MT only pick any of the following for only $49:

Family Portrait Session up to 6 people and 1 5x7 ($295 value)
Headshot Session and 2 digital images ($225 value)
Puppy Love Session, (one dog) and 1 5x7 ($195 value)
Engagement Session and 1 5x7 ($225 value)

More samples and contact info:

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Wednesday, November 06, 2013

Doing Time In Nashville ~ Ron Matthews Head Shot Session

It's always a wonderful surprise to find that photos I created are used in videos. This past year I created a portfolio of images for Ron Matthews, a Singer/Songwriter based in Nashville who toured Arizona. This morning I saw that one of his classic songs, Doing Time In Nashville has been produced as a video, featuring images I created of him near Mayer, AZ. I'm pleased to be able to share this with you today.

Wednesday, June 12, 2013

It's Here! 3rd Annual Baby Portrait Sale!

I love photographing babies in window light. I love how the softness of the light caresses their faces and lights up their eyes, and summertime in Arizona is made for these beautiful indoor portraits.

As I write this, the temps are predicted to hit 111ยบ today and it's comfy cool in my gallery where I set up a mini studio for the tiny ones so I thought "Why not a Summer Sales Event?" From now until August 31st, 30 minute mini-sessions $49 with fabulous savings on print packages, too. A beautiful way to decorate your home with the most beautiful art you've ever created, your baby.

Copyright Marcia Mauskopf 2012

Wednesday, March 13, 2013

How Much Is Too Much For A Headshot?

With the proliferation of photographers all offering head shots it's easy to be tempted to just go for the best price. After all, it's just a pic for your business card, to slap onto FaceBook, right? Better think again.

Those in the entertainment industry have long known the value of a dynamic headshot, one that gives a glimpse into your personality, one that says "this is me, this is who I am" in the space of a moment. Take a spin through your newsfeed and see which profile pics catch your eye, good and bad...more importantly, which do you not even notice? In this media hungry world you have approximately 5 seconds to make a good impression and your first impression is more often these days your headshot, so doesn't it only make sense to consider it one of your most important marketing investments? What makes a fantastic Headshot? Great lighting, dynamic facial angles, and most importantly capturing insight into the personality of the subject. By contrast, a mediocre picture will have static posing, dull lighting, a boring background and most importantly will fall short of that special something that causes the viewer to connect with you...and isn't that just the worst thing that could happen?

 I had an interesting conversation with a client yesterday. She relayed that the most common comment that she had so far received on her new headshots was that the photographer really captured "her spark". Then she confided to me that she had photos done about a year and a half ago that she didn't even use...they just didn't work for her. I felt good that I had given her such a good experience and product and bad at the same time that she had a less than happy experience elsewhere. It makes me wonder...when is too much, too much? When you go for the deal and then get less than you paid for? Or when you make the investment and end up with a personality portrait that makes people stop and say WOW!

Friday, February 15, 2013

I'm On The Radio!

[Description] Please join me and Maggs Malone on my premiere guest appearance on Storm Nights With Maggs Malone, radio, as Maggs and I talk about Inspiration - who inspires you and me and how to find inspiration in your own life. This is a call-in show so please do join us for questions and comments. Show will air 6-10pm on Friday February 15th and will be pre-recorded same day from 1-5, so make a fast phone call in the afternoon and share in the fun, 602-904-KQCX (5729). This station does stream worldwide on so please do share with everyone you know.

Paying It Forward

Do you believe that if everyone freely gave just a little bit that the world would be a better place? Do you believe what goes around comes around? I do. I believe that if we each pay it forward just a little bit then miracles can happen... and I would like to start with you.

I am instituting a new program, Pay It Forward Headshots. Around once a month I will randomly announce that it is Pay It Forward Day. I will do my part to Pay It Forward by offering a free Premiere Headshot Session ($400 value) to the person who, in 50 words or less, will tell me how they will accept the session and then pay it forward to someone else. I'm not looking for equivalent monetary value, but kindness value. So tell me what you would do to help the next person down the line when I help you with this. Make it BIG, make it SMALL, but above all make it kind and of value. The person who gives me the answer that most touches my heart gets the session. can start now.

Monday, February 11, 2013

Michael Harrelson - Actor

Michael Harrelson                                                                                                          ©Marcia The Art of Photography 2013
Highway 90, Mobile Alabama.. a five year old stands on the bar of Johnny's Truck Stop and lip syncs to Elvis for food and tips. Fast forward 60 years and a grown up Michael Harrelson is a seasoned actor and producer.

I had the honor of creating new head shots for Michael recently and was treated to a couple hours of singing, laughing and stories of old Hollywood and golden times of Phoenix film making. In between the laughter we created a portfolio showing the many moods that only years of experience can provide.

Michael has performed in over 30 films and produced two. His latest work is currently in post production, in the TV series, Dead Men.

Tuesday, January 01, 2013

A Return To Weddings

Sometimes we need to leave something, someone to know where we want to be. A few years ago I decided to "unexclusive" myself, "unidentify". I spent the better part of 15 years exclusively photographing weddings and one day I decided to walk away and photograph other things, have other experiences....and now I have come full circle.

I am once again excited to silently witness, document moments big and small, and create fine art for wedding clients. I am excited to be part of your big day and am waiting for your call. Let me know how you would like to see your wedding memories come alive again and again through fine art photography created by me, for you, unique to you.