Monday, May 10, 2010

Wedding 101: The Bridal Session

In today's economy many couples are trying to find the least costly way to have a wedding extravaganza and that includes cutting the photography budget by having a friend do the photography. While I hesitated to even write that statement and thereby giving someone the idea that using a friend or inexperienced photographer is a good one, I know that is the reality right now [yes, my head is screaming "DON'T DO IT, YOU'LL KILL YOURSELF, or at least regret it in years to come].

Here's a great compromise: Schedule a "Day After" or "Trash The Dress" session with your favorite Pro. Often these sessions are done on a weekday and are quite a bit more economical than full service wedding photography on a weekend. What are the benefits of this? Going out at the perfect light of the day without the pressure of getting back to your dinner. A beautiful time with your new spouse without the interruptions of well meaning wedding guests. Going to your favorite places that you would never have time to travel to during the course of your wedding day....And most important of all? Time with a professional photographer who has been trained to work with you and your gown in the best possible way.

Want to add a little Zip? Make it a destination portrait session. Bring your wedding gown to the beach, the Grand Canyon, Sedona or even a nearby lake like Saguaro or Watson...a glorious backdrop to make some amazing images.

This way you get the beautiful portraits that you'll enjoy throughout your life, the images that you'll be proud to hang on your walls, the ones you'll really want to share with your family and your friends.

Thursday, May 06, 2010

Portraits of Appreciation Sneak Peek - Mazz Brant

Mazz Brant is the latest sneak peek in my Portraits of Appreciation series. She was so enjoyable to work with. Check out her headshots that we created recently.

Wednesday, May 05, 2010

Portraits of Appreciation Sneak Peek - Valerie and Brian Bolitho, Blueprint Affairs, LLC

I love my vendors! I am in a great community of wedding professionals and they help me so much that I wanted to give back to, I'm gifting them with portraits. Here is a little sneak peek of Valerie and Brian Bolitho of Blueprint Affairs, LLC, one of my favorite event planning companies. Valerie and Brian are so high energy and willing to try anything, so I knew we would really have some fun. The Bolithos were great to work with and Blueprint Affairs is a great foundation to start with for the wedding of your dreams ;-D