Monday, October 31, 2011

Baby, Oh Baby! Ben

So I'm with one of my girlfriends watching her toddler happily play while we were having coffee and I am marveling at how big he's gotten in eighteen months. I photographed Ben at around a month old and he was so active already, sparkling black eyes and already a lady killer smile. I realized that I never did put him up on the blog, so, for your viewing pleasure, I'd like to introduce you to Ben <3

Ben at one month.                                                                                                                       ©Marcia Mauskopf 2010

Friday, October 28, 2011

Freebie Friday - Puppy Love

Who doesn't love their puppy? Today's Freebie Friday is a portrait of your four legged kid. The first person to answer the trivia question gets a complimentary Puppy Love session and 5x7 print. Pretty cool huh?

Trivia Question:
What is the THIRD most popular dog in the U.S. for 2011?
Wintersong                                                                               @Marcia Mauskopf

Tuesday, October 25, 2011

Baby, Oh Baby! Little Miss Maggie

Is there anything prettier than a baby girl in a tutu? I had so much fun playing with Maggie at the Desert Botanical Gardens. Here's a bit of Maggie.

Monday, October 17, 2011

Baby, Oh Baby! Using Soft Props In Your Baby's Portraits

Many of the soft goods used in my baby portraits are handcrafted by me, offering unique original pieces for use by my clients.                                                                                                                                          ©Marcia Mauskopf 2011
You love the look of today's current style of baby portraits but are unsure where to find the cute headbands, beanies and blankets you see in the images. Styling is one of the most fun parts of Baby Photography and many of the items are produced by artisans selling on Etsy, E-bay and Facebook. Because they are doing it as a business, craftspeople will often make the same piece for a number of photographers.  Here at Marcia The Art of Photography I make many of the props that I use in my images. This ensures that you have pieces not seen in other photographer's portfolios and unique to your baby's custom designed portraiture.

Ready to have your baby photographed? Let's talk about the possibilities ;-)

Wednesday, October 12, 2011

A Little Something For You

Graveyards...what's scarier than the above ground mausoleums of New Orleans...BOO! Download to spook you through this, the scary season.

Monday, October 10, 2011

Baby, Oh Baby! The Best Time To Photograph Newborns

Your baby's development plays a key role in scheduling your Newborn Photography session. Those beautiful images of sleeping babies with their little heads cradled in their tiny hands are possible because of the fact that as a brand new life they are still behaving as thought they are still in the womb.

The first 10 days of life are the best time to photograph your baby and get those wonderful poses. Babies at this stage of development are still most comfortable in the fetal position and sleep more deeply than they will even just one week later. Because they sleep so deeply it is very easy to softly move small legs under chests and little fingers around elbows and have them stay in position long enough to create those incredible images.

The time to book your session is before you give birth. This way I can reserve time for you based on your expected due date and place you on our list. Once your baby arrives, a fast phone call can finalize your date and time to make your session the best it can be.

Sarah at 7 days old                                                                                                                        ©Marcia Mauskopf 2011

Friday, October 07, 2011

Just Another Steve Jobs Tribute

So, with all the tributes for Steve Jobs running rampant across the internet I wanted to share my first experience with 'Mac'. I accepted a job at a photo lab and was asked at the interview if I knew how to use computers and of course said yes, although it wasn't by any means a joy...the first day came and when it was time to do the office work I was introduced to 'Mac', that very first little box that called Steve "Dad", and chirped happily when I turned it on and then smiled at me...and the love affair began. We intuitively got to know each other and I yearned for the day I could have 'Mac' by my side forever...I finally bought my own first computer, used, from another photographer and it was of course, a Mac...and I've never looked back. Through the incarnations from desktop to laptop he's been by my side, journaling my adventures, carrying my tears through e-mail and facebook, a part of my creativity and joy...and it all started with a chirp and a smile in a Northern California garage....

...So I say Thank You Steve. You gave us our joy and turned the world upside down with your vision and creativity. I will always look to you as my inspiration drawn from a box with a tiny screen who smiled at me ;-)

Green Wedding Friday - The Centerpiece

My good friend Jennifer Colvin Foster is an environmentally creative florist and fabulous at her work. Her company, Ever After Florals is a mainstay of the Phoenix Wedding and Event Industry. Here she shares her secrets for GREEN centerpieces:

When designing weddings for my brides who are more “green” or environmentally cautious, I always try to give them plenty of options.  One of the most exciting places to design for is the reception.  The reception is the place where most of the décor is necessary to make things look amazing.  Here we must tie in with the theme or the style of the wedding that the bride & groom have chosen and make sure our centerpieces fit that overall look.
Here are a few ideas for GREEN centerpieces:
I always first suggest fresh flowers.  To stay green, you will need to choose in season blooms from local farms.  If you have trouble with local farms, then try for blooms from close to home such as California.  Don’t be afraid to ask for organically grown flowers as there are some types available.  Using tulips in spring and Sunflowers in the summer, you are using the types of flowers that are available when nature wants them to be.  Nothing is forced or brought in from overseas.    Be sure to ask your florist what is available and when.  They will be able to provide that information for you with each season.
Use materials such as greenery, pinecones, twigs, tumbleweeds and rocks.  Some of which can be found on a fun trip up north or even in your own backyard.  Including some of these items can make a very profound statement, especially if your floral designer is creative and can do amazing things with these items.  Whether it be tying them to your containers or even using them to decorate the aisle or arch at the ceremony. 
You can also be very savvy by making your centerpieces reusable.  Why not ask your florist to provide centerpieces that can be planted afterwards.  Designing a centerpiece from flowering plants, cactus gardens, or pretty ferns gives a very earthy feel to the table and knowing that these can be planted and enjoyed for years to come vs. tossing them in the trash at the end of the night, is a great way to spend your décor dollars. If done right, these can actually look more interesting and more expensive than some of the flower arrangements out there. 
Get creative!  Don’t just design with flowers & plants.  Tell your florist that you would like something made up of fruits & veggies. There are more organic fruits and vegetables readily available and floral designers can do some wonderful things with those too.  You would be amazed how beautiful a large bouquet of kale can be in a vase.  So can lots of leafy & frilly herbs in various containers.  Also imagine a vase filled with bright happy lemons or fresh green pears.   Add in a few organic soy candles or local made candles and your table will look even more amazing!  
Being green does not have to be hard.   Florists can help you with all your décor needs, even if they don’t necessarily include flowers.   Florists are artists who know how to think outside the box and have the flair to make memorable and remarkable statements using any natural material put in front of them.

Jennifer Foster Colvin is a Master Floral Designer and has been creating florals for Phoenix weddings since 1995. Colvin is a Board Member of the ASFA (Arizona State Florist Association) as well as the Arts and Flowers program at the Phoenix Art Museum.  @Marcia Mauskopf 2010

Monday, October 03, 2011

Baby, Oh Baby! The Best Time For Your Maternity Session

One of the places many women feel conflicted about is the decision to do a Maternity Portrait. Money issues, body issues, the list goes on and on. But, all of that aside, should one be done? That answer is an overwhelming yes!

The months your baby is with you in vitro are a time of great change for you and cause for celebration. It is a part of your baby's journey, your own as well as an integral part of your family history. Physically, women glow more at this time of life than any other except perhaps falling in love...and of course that's natural, because from the moment you realized your baby you have been in love. In addition to this, doing a maternity portrait is a great way to 'test drive' your photographer and start the relationship that will lead to trust in handling your newborn.

One of the biggest stumbling blocks to commissioning a portrait are the changes to skin and body during this time. Stretch marks, weight gain and pregnancy mask are valid concerns that any mother has, and that is exactly why it's important to go to a trained professional for this series of photographs. A good photographer's education and experience go a long way toward knowing just how to pose you to emphasize your beautiful belly while minimizing the areas you are sensitive about. The understanding is there to know how much retouching to do not only on your face, but within the stretch marks and discoloration that may appear along your stomach to give a polished, yet real look to your growing belly.

So, when is the best time to schedule your maternity session? For most women that will be 32 to 36 weeks. At this time your energy level will be high and you have that beautiful glow that is often lost near the end of the pregnancy. Your stomach will have that great high basketball shape and you still will be able to flex and move in a way that will help your photographer to offer you a great variety in your selections.

Find out more about your maternity photography by scheduling a visit with our gallery. Visits are welcome by appointment, 480.366.4476, info[@]

At home session. Retouching can vary depending on the tastes of the client going from cleaned up a bit yet realistic to a complete retouch that deletes all stretch marks and discoloring.                                                  ©Marcia Mauskopf 2010