Monday, October 03, 2011

Baby, Oh Baby! The Best Time For Your Maternity Session

One of the places many women feel conflicted about is the decision to do a Maternity Portrait. Money issues, body issues, the list goes on and on. But, all of that aside, should one be done? That answer is an overwhelming yes!

The months your baby is with you in vitro are a time of great change for you and cause for celebration. It is a part of your baby's journey, your own as well as an integral part of your family history. Physically, women glow more at this time of life than any other except perhaps falling in love...and of course that's natural, because from the moment you realized your baby you have been in love. In addition to this, doing a maternity portrait is a great way to 'test drive' your photographer and start the relationship that will lead to trust in handling your newborn.

One of the biggest stumbling blocks to commissioning a portrait are the changes to skin and body during this time. Stretch marks, weight gain and pregnancy mask are valid concerns that any mother has, and that is exactly why it's important to go to a trained professional for this series of photographs. A good photographer's education and experience go a long way toward knowing just how to pose you to emphasize your beautiful belly while minimizing the areas you are sensitive about. The understanding is there to know how much retouching to do not only on your face, but within the stretch marks and discoloration that may appear along your stomach to give a polished, yet real look to your growing belly.

So, when is the best time to schedule your maternity session? For most women that will be 32 to 36 weeks. At this time your energy level will be high and you have that beautiful glow that is often lost near the end of the pregnancy. Your stomach will have that great high basketball shape and you still will be able to flex and move in a way that will help your photographer to offer you a great variety in your selections.

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At home session. Retouching can vary depending on the tastes of the client going from cleaned up a bit yet realistic to a complete retouch that deletes all stretch marks and discoloring.                                                  ©Marcia Mauskopf 2010

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