Tuesday, August 14, 2012

I Ran Away With The Circus

For much of our lives we keep going down the same path, day after day, year after year and then something happens to cause us to explore a different direction for a while, altering the course of our lives forever.

For me this was the year I ran away with the circus. If you could have told me at Christmas that I would be where I am today, I would have laughed myself silly....how little we know.

Believe it or not I have always had other interests besides photography. A bold statement because most people know me as very passionate and committed to my art and my art only. But there was always something in the distance calling me.

The days after Christmas are always quiet for me. And in those cold desert days I received an opportunity to explore a hidden dream. I was offered a chance to assist a world renowned Hypnotherapist and his partner with their Hypnotherapy Certification Course. I have always been intrigued with human potential and held this man in my highest esteem for years, studying with him personally when I could and enjoying his radio show from afar. So for a week I spent early mornings setting up for a small group of wellness practitioners to have what they needed to focus for their class sessions, made coffee, organized cds for sale and took the dog for his morning constitutional. Once class started, in between supporting the instructors and students, I was able to train, too. As the days passed, the slow realization came that I was rather good at this and it would be a way to be of service with a skill that is becoming more needed in our community. I found a passion for hypnosis that was as fired up as my first years as a photographer and loved the changes I could help others make to add brilliance to their lives.

The class ended, and as that door closed, many more opened in a way I never dreamed. Hours of additional training were balanced with canyon walks and a tent by a lake. I learned to kayak and conquered my fear of boating. I always dreamed of  horses and a chance came to work in a barn caring for horses so that disabled riders could have lessons.  I've gotten to love on a herd of 16 horses with all different personalities and needs when all I dreamed of was just one. I read voraciously and found myself exploring so many of the things I had denied myself for so long. I traveled across the country and found myself on lonely roads in the Deep South savoring roadside peaches, running a sorrel pony down an island beach, paddling through swamps and salt marshes and meeting people over BBQ and Fish Frys.

And still more doors opened. Adventures closer to home and saddle sore from lessons that magically came my way. Singing for a bunch of Cowboys in an old Roadhouse along a rural Arizona road. I found the time to sketch and my poet's voice found me again. Sleeping hard and working hard to bring even more play into my life...and in between it all creating portraits for those that sought me out but staying quiet in that space of bringing new business in.

So I sit here with you today, writing to let you know the adventure goes on but I have not forgotten. It's time again to pick up the reins that adulthood brings  and ride on back to the commitment and business of photography. I so appreciate your continued support of Marcia The Art Of Photography and am committed to bringing you the best in family photography. Please look forward to some enticing special events as we make our way through to the 2012 Holiday Season as I look forward to working with you and your family.

"It's A Never Ending Circus Ride, Faint of Heart Need Not Apply" ~ Pam Tillis, Mi Vida Loca