Wednesday, December 14, 2011

101 Goals in 1001 Days - A Progress Report

So, it's about a week and a half into this new round of goals and I wanted to share what I have done so far. I'm finding this time around that not as many people are familiar with this program and how it works but are impressed that I am doing it and overwhelmed at the thought of starting themselves...I find that it is easy and more effective than anything else I have done toward achieving goals. So here is where I am at.

Completely Done:

#100  Release 20 Christmas Ornaments
#65    Get Buddha Statue set up in backyard
#91    Build LinkedIn contact list to 500
#53    Get on Etsy Before my friend does.

Still needs a bit more landscaping but at least it's out of the garage.  ©


In Progress:
#2     Read Prosperity Bible
               I am in a Mastermind group that is studying and discussing chapter by chapter. 
#5     Have a friend over for coffee or meal 6 times in 6 month period
               I've had one friend over for lunch and plans with three more over the next two weeks.
#36   Print 3 new canvases for gallery\public display
               Printed a 16x24 of one of my favorite little clients, Maggie.
#74   5 beauty visits in one year period 
               I'm so bad about self care and want to be better. Got hair done last week and was gifted
               with a certificate for a facial, so that takes care of two and three to go.

I'm so happy about's hung right across from where I work so that I see it all the time.                   ©

As you can see within the first month I should have at least five goals accomplished and while it is a big list on track to have most done in the 1001 days. I'll keep you posted as to how I do and where I am.

Monday, December 05, 2011

101 Goals in 1001 Days 12/2/11

A few years ago I participated in a program called 101 Goals in 1001 Days and I found it so valuable that at the conclusion I wanted to do it again. While I accomplished only (only?) 55 of the goals I found that I got more done in a focused manner than at any other time of life so I find myself here again. I wanted to share my list with you. There are a couple of goals that were very personal and have been dropped from the list and already I have gotten one done. Here is my list in the hope that it will inspire you to reach for the stars and capture the moon. I'll post photos as I accomplish each goal but don't laugh at the quality because have Crackberry, will travel and will most likely use it ;-)

Goal # 100 Release 20 Christmas Ornaments. There's a bit more than that here going to Goodwill.

  •   1. Read 25 books
  •   2. Read Prosperity Bible
  •   3. Go Snowshoeing
  •   4. cook a turducken
  •   5. have a friend over for coffee or lunch 6 times in 6 month period
  •   6. go camping 4 times in one year period
  •   7. Day Trip to Bisbee
  •   8. Dig for Crystals at Diamond Point
  •   9. Go Tubing Down The Salt River
  •   10. Photograph 10 HIgh School Seniors in one year period
  •   11. Photograph 20 babies in one year period
  •   12. Photograph 5 weddings in one year period
  •   13. Photograph 10 dogs in one year period
  •   14. photograph 20 children (2 or older) in one year period
  •   15. photograph 10 families in one year period
  •   16. Stay in a cabin by a lake
  •   17. Participate and photograph a cattle drive
  •   18. Drive a jeep offroad
  •   19. Go sledding
  •   20. Do a charitable gesture like helping in a food kitchen or flowers for vets again
  •   21. Go to the Phoenix Art Museum
  •   22. Go Fishing
  •   23. Ride The Camp Verde Railroad
  •   24.
  •   25. Visit with Tara
  •   26. Visit with Libby
  •   27. Visit With Jeff Pine
  •   28. Get Motorcycle license
  •   29. Go Horseback riding 6 times in one year period
  •   30. Ride the Grand Canyon Railroad
  •   31. Play my guitar 15 minutes every weekday for one month period
  •   32. Drop one pants size and keep it off
  •   33. create marketing plan to accomplish photography goals by Christmas 2011
  •   34. Create a photo book for Jeff of his family
  •   35. Get chairs for gallery
  •   36. Print 3 new canvases for gallery\public display
  •   37. Take Zuri to Canine Rattlesnake class
  •   38.
  •   39. Market myself in Rim Country for summer weddings, make one firm connection
  •   40. Market myself at wineries, make one firm connection
  •   41. Market myself for Grand Canyon weddings, make one firm connection
  •   42. get in 3 baby stores not including 7th street baby bloomers (already in)
  •   43. get in 2 wedding stores
  •   44. Win an award in PPA international competition again
  •   45. Take an interesting class that is not photo related
  •   46.Photograph an Indian Wedding
  •  47.
  •   48. Walk Zuri 3 times a week for 3 months straight
  •   49. Go hiking 6 times in 6 month period
  •   50. Go hiking on 3 new trails in 6 month period
  •   51. Ride Mountain Bike RT Christensen Trail
  •   52. Make Amethyst necklace
  •   53, Get on Etsy Before Libby does
  •   54. Make 10 pairs of earrings to sell on Etsy
  •   55. Put 5 photos on Etsy
  •   56. Put 5 greeting cards on Etsy
  •   56. Refinish media cabinet in gallery
  •   57. get mac mini for gallery
  •   58. get flat screen tv for gallery
  •   59. create and implement surveys for gallery
  •   60. Ride bike at least 20 times in 6 month period
  •   61. Ride Horseback Canyon de Chelly
  •   62. Go to Chiracahua National Monument
  •   63. Hike Havasupai
  •   64. Ride Helicopter
  •   65. Get Buddha set up in back of yard
  •   66. Road Trip to New Mexico
  •   67. Go To Chimayo again
  •   68. Photograph Dia De Los Muertos Celebration
  •   69. Get another membership to Botanic Garden
  •   70. Photograph one portrait session or wedding at Botanic Garden
  •   71. Go To World Wildlife Zoo
  •   72. Take Cross Country Ski Lesson
  •   73. Hike up Cathedral Rock
  •   74. 5 beauty visits in one year period
  •   75. participate in 2 networking groups regularly and concurrently for one year period
  •   76. hike up Camelback
  •   77. hike up Piestawa Peak
  •   78. Hike up Pinnacle Peak
  •   79. Release 25 pounds
  •   80. Release 25 pieces of clothing in 3 month period
  •   81. Go to Sedona 6 times in one year period
  •   82. do yoga 6 times in 6 month period
  •   83. Donate 5 gift certificates to 5 non profits in one year period
  •   84. get email lists fully integrated in 3 month period
  •   85. send 25 email blasts in one year period
  •   86. Build email list to 600 in one year period
  •   87. Build email list to 1000 in two year period
  •   88. Build FB to 3000 in one year period
  •   89. Build Twitter to 1200 in one year period
  •   90. Run four headshot promotions on Linked in in one year period
  •   91. Build linked in to 500 in one year period
  •   92. Camp at Pategonia Lake
  •   93. Go Kayaking 4 times in one year period
  •   94. Go to Tucson Metal Arts Village
  •   95. Go to Steve Poltz concert
  •   96. See Concert at Toby Keith's
  •  97. Get main Christmas tree fully decorated by 7pm Black Friday 2012
  •  98. make mint dog biscuits for Zuri
  •  99. have dog portrait event for charity
  • 101. Make Raw Apple Pie 
    100. Release 20 Christmas Ornaments

Friday, December 02, 2011

Green Wedding Friday - Fresh From The Kitchen

I have this friend, Noelle Salinas who is a fabulous eco-friendly caterer and she constantly teaches me the good things about food ;-) Here is what she has to say about being an Green Caterer.

 Fresh from the Kitchen ~ Your Green Vendor

When selecting Fresh from the Kitchen as your caterer, you get something more than just great food, great service, and great presentation. You're booking with a caterer that cares about what goes into your body, food, and the environment. Most are familiar with the term eco-friendly, and this is some of the things that make us such.

All of our meats are not only fresh, but free of hormones and antibiotics. Why is this important? There are several factors that contribute to the overall answer, but in a nutshell, you're getting a healthier, more flavorful, natural, synthetic free item. Further, the environment benefits by this choice, and doesn't it make you feel great to know that such a simple choice is making a large impact on saving the planet?

You get farm fresh cage free eggs. Not only once again does this contribute to a more flavorful product, it also contributes to a humane treatment of animals. Chickens that are raised on farms that allow them to enjoy life outside of a cage, result in fewer diseases spread among the animals, that can affect our health. Sick animals, lead to an ailing planet, which results in ailing people. Prevention is key to successfully saving our planet.

You get minimally processed foods. This means that instead of injecting our food with synthetic preservatives that you can't even pronounce, you get real butter, real cream, real herbs, fresh never frozen vegetables, which equals real taste, and taste so good!!!

You get all natural. Self-explanatory.

You get organic and locally grown. Fresh from the Kitchen spends that extra dollar to purchase as many organic foods as well as locally grown. How does this help the environment? Although organic foods cost a little more, certified organic foods are grown without the use of pesticides. Pesticide residue kills nutrients and good bugs, like ladybugs, that help our planet thrive. Organic foods uses natural and safe farming methods to prevent soil erosion, acid rain, and excess refuse. All of these things equal a cleaner planet. Buying locally is important too, because this saves on carbon monoxide being released into the air, a byproduct of gasoline, which makes our air less clean and less easy to breathe. When local products are used, they don't have to travel as far from farm to the kitchen, thus resulting in less carbon monoxide polution.

You get better ingredients, for better food, at a price that beats the competition. Thus, Fresh from the Kitchen is not only your green choice, we are your choice for a better you, better planet, better event.

As Fresh from the Kitchen continues to grow in our green philosophy, we hope you continue to support our efforts by booking your events with us. Afterall, together we can help save the planet one plate at a time.

Fresh from the Kitchen is your one stop event planning solution. <>  | 602-694-2878 |