Tuesday, March 03, 2015

When The Headshot Becomes Fine Art

What's a Headshot for but promotion...Showing the world who you are in a single shot. Sure there are the photos of you in your Sunday Best in front of a plain blue background but the best ones show not just who you are but what you are...and the very best transcend the typical standard grin to elevate into fine art.

Some of my sessions are specifically headshots, but for artists, musicians, actors, creatives I also offer an Artist Portfolio, designed not only to get those facial close ups in but also to bring in body gestures and coordinated backgrounds, too.

I recently photographed Rio Markham, an actor here in Phoenix and in the course of creating images that evoked the Old West for a man that is Cowboy raised we came up with this image...

Headshot or Art...you decide.

Rio Markham                  copyright Marcia Mauskopf 2015 all rights reserved