Friday, April 24, 2009

Green Wedding Friday - Baby Steps Toward Greener Photography

I like finding ways to minimize waste and when I can do it and maximize style I am thrilled (aren't you?). I've found a way to make a pretty presentation that greens up my business, too.

Check it out. The DVD is directly printed on, eliminating the need for an extra sticker. The tin case is strong enough to ship on it's own, eliminating the need for additional packing materials, although for privacy's sake, I still choose to enclose it an envelope. I no longer need the extra padding of bubble wrap so that's that much less space in the landfill. And the coolest part of, I get to make a tiny difference will still making it really pretty!

Did you know that 32% of all garbage generated in the United States is packaging materials?

Thursday, April 23, 2009

Press Release - GREEN : THE PHOTO COLLECTION now available

Scottsdale AZ wedding photography gallery Marcia The Art of Photography is pleased to announce their new product line, GREEN : THE PHOTO COLLECTION. This new eco-friendly line of wedding photography is environmentally friendly, utilizing the latest digital techniques both for creation of images and delivery to the consumer. Eco-friendly albums and presentation boxes are available from such premiere companies as Cypress and Couture Book. In addition, clients are offered incentives for making multiple green vendors their choice in their wedding plans.

According to Owner/Operator, Marcia Mauskopf, this is as much a lifestyle choice as business decision. "As I look at the changes I've made in my own life, I realized it was important to offer these choices to my clients, too. While there will always be a big market for photography as wall art, more of the people coming to me are requesting digital files to enjoy on their computers and other digital products.".

More information can be found by going to or contacting Marcia personally at 480.366.4476

Friday, April 17, 2009

Green Wedding Friday - NEW FEATURE!

I'm so lifestyle for a while now has been getting more and more green. We compost now, with as much kitchen waste, etc going out to go back to the earth. I'm trying to find more ways to incorporate "green" into my business, too, from unplugging computers and battery chargers not in use, to finding ways to minimize waste in shipping and recycle, reduce, reuse.

In the coming months I want to share the "greening" of my life and business with you.

Join me monthly (or even more often) for "Green Wedding Friday" where we'll find local vendors and other sources for your eco-wedding. If you have a great source to help create a green wedding, let me know and I'll feature it here on my blog.

Friday, April 10, 2009

A Little Something For You

I am an avid reader of Anne Ruthmann Photography. Anne is a photographer that knows how to give back...whether it is a freebie or tip for her brides or making her business greener. I recently saw an entry on her blog that I want to extend to my readers. Each month Anne posts an image for her readers to download and use as their desktop image. So fun, and I actually am enjoying one of her images on my laptop, now.

Here's the first one for you. Click on the image to download a copy of your own and freshen up your desktop!

Keep checking back for new images. Sometimes bridal, sometimes something different, but something always for you.

Wednesday, April 08, 2009

Such A Beautiful Quote...

Every so often I see a quote that takes my breath away. As seen on Facebook:

"The reason it hurts so much to separate is because our souls are connected." ~Nicholas Sparks, The Notebook

Win! Win! Win! Are You Getting Married? Win! Win! Win!

Are you getting married? The first bride (or groom) to contact me here on the blog will win an engagement session in beautiful Scottsdale, AZ! Simply leave your contact info in comments below. I promise I won't publish your info, just the name of the lucky winner.

Good Luck!!!

Monday, April 06, 2009

Book Review - The Atheist's Way, Eric Maisel

I have had a wonderful opportunity in life with my association with Author Eric Maisel. Eric is not only the foremost creativity coach in the United States, but also a psychotherapist, philosopher and cultural observer. I've gotten to know Eric through this blog, interviewing him for his books Van Gogh Blues and Ten Zen Seconds.

I find Eric to be both interesting and inspiring so when the opportunity came to read and blog/review his newest book, The Atheist's Way, I jumped at the chance. I've always been extremely open-minded and was interested in witnessing a view foreign to my own. The book arrived in the mail, I tore open the package, held the book in my hands and felt a wave of panic pour through me. Would reading this cause me to question my own spirituality? Would I lose blog readers in droves due to the subject matter? Would discussing this with my friends and family as I am often want to do cause strife in my life?

I found much of this to be untrue (we'll have to see how you, the reader respond). Eric's exuberance for his lifestyle could be considered a sales pitch for atheism by those so against that which is against their own mores, however, I found the book to be a very well written and a beautiful treatise in Universal ethics and morals. What I got from the book was simply a call to be the best person I can be, responsible for my actions and how I treat those around me. Did it cause me to question my spirituality? It caused me to examine and re-affirm it, knowing the path I have taken is right for me.

Eric's book, The Atheist's Way, is a must read both for those who are firm in their beliefs and open minded enough to learn about the full spectrum of religion and non-religion and those who are struggling with their belief system. While sometimes a hard read as I examined who I am and what I believe, I do feel that it is a book that has helped me to grow, and that is always a good thing.

Thursday, April 02, 2009

Attn: 2009 College Graduates - Celebrate Your Milestone

It's been four years of hard work, the times of your life. Don't leave University Life without celebrating this Milestone.

At this time when friends part for new adventures, give them an unforgettable piece of you. Memories only last so long, photographs are forever. Let's take your photos in that special place you all hang out at, maybe even bring in a couple of those friends for a shot or two.

It's time to preserve this moment in your own Commencement Portrait. It's been five years since you've been professionally photographed. Your style has changed, you're simply not a kid anymore. To book your session call Marcia, 480.366.4476