Friday, March 27, 2009

With Spring comes the Bridal Fairs. In this repost from Kerline Docteur, learn the how to get the most mileage out of your researching efforts.

The Bridal Fair Stroll

Tuesday, March 24, 2009

Puppy Love - El-oh-el-aye Lola la-la-la-la Lola

Boggles...that's what they're called...really! Lola is a Designer Hybrid, a combination Boston Terrier and Beagle and sweet as can be. I met Lola and her pup-mom Megan at the Chaparral Park dog park and knew I had to get to know this little girl photographically.

What a Beauty!

Monday, March 16, 2009

Headshots - Your Most Important Marketing Tool

What do you think upon meeting a person? In those first five seconds what kind of impression is made on you? Just like a real life introduction, you make an impression with your collateral; and the most important part of your marketing tools is your head shot. What does yours say about you? Is it old, outdated, hair from 1997? Or does it show a current and vibrant you...a welcoming smile and personality plus shining from your eyes.

How many times have you picked up an ad, saw a photo of the owner of the company and felt a good vibe and trust for the company based on that portrait? Powerful, huh.

I just got to photograph one of my favorite Disc Jockeys, Ray Grace of Ray The DJ fame. His gentle personality shows through in every image while the twinkle in his eye belies a fabulously fun attitude. One look at any of the images from this session offers the trust that your event is in great hands with this Master of Ceremonies.

Enjoy the photos below. Think you need to update your own head shot? Give me a call at 480.366.4476. Sessions start at $199 ;-D

Wednesday, March 11, 2009

Looking For A Few Great Seniors - Am I Talking To You?

I am now selecting High School Spokesmodels for Senior Portraits - class of 2010 & 2011 PHX area only. Are you outgoing and one of these classes? Want your Senior Session free? Want to save Mom and Dad some money (trust me, you do, Prom is coming up). Contact me now.

Selected students will receive their senior session free (class of 2011 gets a senior preview session) rep cards, photos for your facebook page and the opportunity for more discounts and freebies.

Interested? Leave me your contact information in comments below and I will call you (I promise not to publish your post). Looking forward to working with you!

Monday, March 09, 2009

Puppy Love - Joey

Every so often an idea comes along that is just so good.

I read an article on Canine Portraits and BOINK! I knew I wanted to do it. I'm starting a new line of portraits, puppy love, lifestyle portraits of that furry four legged kid in your family. I did my first "official" portrait for my portfolio.

Joey is a wonderful springer spaniel - dachshund mix who is family to my friend, Bruce. I met Joey NFC Championship weekend at a game party and fell in love.

Here's Joey:

I wanted to talk with you about something close to my heart. Many of you know that Bogey, my big golden retriever left on his next great adventure recently. I realized something. While Bogey had been the subject of Christmas cards and realtor ads, part of commercial shoots and published photos, we had very few images of him just being Bo, and because I am always behind the camera, only one of me hugging my bestest friend. I'd like to start a tradition for your family as a tribute to him.

puppy love

As a very special celebration of Bogey's life and the happiness he brought us, 10% of all puppy love sessions purchased this month will benefit The Humane Society. My way of helping ensure that your family always has a memory captured of the four legged kid in your family, your dog.

Friday, March 06, 2009

Words That Inspire - Good Ideas For Brides

Author Ariel Meadow has a fabulous blog geared toward that more unique bride. In this entry, one of her brides shows how to embellish an inexpensive pair of heels to make a truly one of a kind bridal accessory.

Handpainted DIY Wedding Shoes

Monday, March 02, 2009

Wedding Photo Tips - Preferred Vendors Lists

One of the very best resources a couple can use to hire the people that will make their wedding fabulous is the Preferred Vendor List. You'll receive these lists from the venues you consider along with many of the other vendors you work with.

Recommendations from vendors are golden. Simply put, good established vendors simply will not give out the name of a business they are not comfortable with. When we offer vendor info, we are doing it because we have worked with that business, we know it to be ethical, dependable, to do right by you. A bad referral is a reflection on the wedding professional who gave it to one wants that.

As important, when you utilize a preferred vendor list from your venue, you are assured that the businesses on the list are comfortable working together at that location as a team. The stronger the team, the smoother your day will be.

Please note, there is a huge difference between a preferred vendor list and some of the publications that are so popular now. There is a trend toward well designed glossy brochures that are paid advertisements by the vendors...this is not necessarily a preferred vendor list, so if you receive one, do be sure to ask if these are the preferred vendors or just paid listings.