Monday, March 02, 2009

Wedding Photo Tips - Preferred Vendors Lists

One of the very best resources a couple can use to hire the people that will make their wedding fabulous is the Preferred Vendor List. You'll receive these lists from the venues you consider along with many of the other vendors you work with.

Recommendations from vendors are golden. Simply put, good established vendors simply will not give out the name of a business they are not comfortable with. When we offer vendor info, we are doing it because we have worked with that business, we know it to be ethical, dependable, to do right by you. A bad referral is a reflection on the wedding professional who gave it to one wants that.

As important, when you utilize a preferred vendor list from your venue, you are assured that the businesses on the list are comfortable working together at that location as a team. The stronger the team, the smoother your day will be.

Please note, there is a huge difference between a preferred vendor list and some of the publications that are so popular now. There is a trend toward well designed glossy brochures that are paid advertisements by the vendors...this is not necessarily a preferred vendor list, so if you receive one, do be sure to ask if these are the preferred vendors or just paid listings.

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