Monday, March 09, 2009

Puppy Love - Joey

Every so often an idea comes along that is just so good.

I read an article on Canine Portraits and BOINK! I knew I wanted to do it. I'm starting a new line of portraits, puppy love, lifestyle portraits of that furry four legged kid in your family. I did my first "official" portrait for my portfolio.

Joey is a wonderful springer spaniel - dachshund mix who is family to my friend, Bruce. I met Joey NFC Championship weekend at a game party and fell in love.

Here's Joey:

I wanted to talk with you about something close to my heart. Many of you know that Bogey, my big golden retriever left on his next great adventure recently. I realized something. While Bogey had been the subject of Christmas cards and realtor ads, part of commercial shoots and published photos, we had very few images of him just being Bo, and because I am always behind the camera, only one of me hugging my bestest friend. I'd like to start a tradition for your family as a tribute to him.

puppy love

As a very special celebration of Bogey's life and the happiness he brought us, 10% of all puppy love sessions purchased this month will benefit The Humane Society. My way of helping ensure that your family always has a memory captured of the four legged kid in your family, your dog.

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Anonymous said...

How big is he exactly, because I have a puppy that is the same mix and I am curious as to how large he will grow