Friday, October 31, 2008

Wednesday, October 29, 2008

My Wedding Wish List

I've been thinking about this alot and decided that there are definitely some places that I'd like to shoot weddings at. I'm loving Phoenix and the opportunities here and would like to have the experience of creating memories and great images in:

Grand Canyon
Las Vegas
Key West
Rocky Point
The Yucatan
Anywhere in Italy

Where do you want to get married? Got a great place in mind? Where could we make some beautiful pictures together?

Monday, October 20, 2008

Sometimes An Adventure...

...turns up from a car ride.

On Saturday we were at the REI Garage Sale at 5:30am(!) to get the best buys and find me a set of trekking poles. My BFF Jim had convinced me that the more I hiked the more I was going to appreciate them once I had them. Well, we scored royally. A set for each of us brand new along with a bunch of other stuff we were sure we needed. I wanted to try the sticks out right away, J. wanted to sleep.

Sunday morning J. surprised me with a trip up to Flagstaff to try out the sticks and check out areas we might be able to have some snow fun in later this winter. We got to Snowbowl and found out that the Skyride was closing that day so of course we had to ride it up to the top. So, we detoured up the chairlift to 11,500 feet and could see all the way to the Grand Canyon!!! On the way up, we saw patches of snow and ice, the tops of aspens and Christmas trees (I mean pines) and a bald eagle. I was so excited that I almost forgot about hiking.

On the way back we found a great little trail on the mountain that wound it's way through lichen covered boulders and aspen groves. Heaven.

Tuesday, October 14, 2008

Me and Dogs

Everyone that knows me knows that dogs are huge to me. Nothing brings more joy to me than the soft touch of a pup. Here is a guy I came across.