Wednesday, December 14, 2011

101 Goals in 1001 Days - A Progress Report

So, it's about a week and a half into this new round of goals and I wanted to share what I have done so far. I'm finding this time around that not as many people are familiar with this program and how it works but are impressed that I am doing it and overwhelmed at the thought of starting themselves...I find that it is easy and more effective than anything else I have done toward achieving goals. So here is where I am at.

Completely Done:

#100  Release 20 Christmas Ornaments
#65    Get Buddha Statue set up in backyard
#91    Build LinkedIn contact list to 500
#53    Get on Etsy Before my friend does.

Still needs a bit more landscaping but at least it's out of the garage.  ©


In Progress:
#2     Read Prosperity Bible
               I am in a Mastermind group that is studying and discussing chapter by chapter. 
#5     Have a friend over for coffee or meal 6 times in 6 month period
               I've had one friend over for lunch and plans with three more over the next two weeks.
#36   Print 3 new canvases for gallery\public display
               Printed a 16x24 of one of my favorite little clients, Maggie.
#74   5 beauty visits in one year period 
               I'm so bad about self care and want to be better. Got hair done last week and was gifted
               with a certificate for a facial, so that takes care of two and three to go.

I'm so happy about's hung right across from where I work so that I see it all the time.                   ©

As you can see within the first month I should have at least five goals accomplished and while it is a big list on track to have most done in the 1001 days. I'll keep you posted as to how I do and where I am.

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