Friday, December 02, 2011

Green Wedding Friday - Fresh From The Kitchen

I have this friend, Noelle Salinas who is a fabulous eco-friendly caterer and she constantly teaches me the good things about food ;-) Here is what she has to say about being an Green Caterer.

 Fresh from the Kitchen ~ Your Green Vendor

When selecting Fresh from the Kitchen as your caterer, you get something more than just great food, great service, and great presentation. You're booking with a caterer that cares about what goes into your body, food, and the environment. Most are familiar with the term eco-friendly, and this is some of the things that make us such.

All of our meats are not only fresh, but free of hormones and antibiotics. Why is this important? There are several factors that contribute to the overall answer, but in a nutshell, you're getting a healthier, more flavorful, natural, synthetic free item. Further, the environment benefits by this choice, and doesn't it make you feel great to know that such a simple choice is making a large impact on saving the planet?

You get farm fresh cage free eggs. Not only once again does this contribute to a more flavorful product, it also contributes to a humane treatment of animals. Chickens that are raised on farms that allow them to enjoy life outside of a cage, result in fewer diseases spread among the animals, that can affect our health. Sick animals, lead to an ailing planet, which results in ailing people. Prevention is key to successfully saving our planet.

You get minimally processed foods. This means that instead of injecting our food with synthetic preservatives that you can't even pronounce, you get real butter, real cream, real herbs, fresh never frozen vegetables, which equals real taste, and taste so good!!!

You get all natural. Self-explanatory.

You get organic and locally grown. Fresh from the Kitchen spends that extra dollar to purchase as many organic foods as well as locally grown. How does this help the environment? Although organic foods cost a little more, certified organic foods are grown without the use of pesticides. Pesticide residue kills nutrients and good bugs, like ladybugs, that help our planet thrive. Organic foods uses natural and safe farming methods to prevent soil erosion, acid rain, and excess refuse. All of these things equal a cleaner planet. Buying locally is important too, because this saves on carbon monoxide being released into the air, a byproduct of gasoline, which makes our air less clean and less easy to breathe. When local products are used, they don't have to travel as far from farm to the kitchen, thus resulting in less carbon monoxide polution.

You get better ingredients, for better food, at a price that beats the competition. Thus, Fresh from the Kitchen is not only your green choice, we are your choice for a better you, better planet, better event.

As Fresh from the Kitchen continues to grow in our green philosophy, we hope you continue to support our efforts by booking your events with us. Afterall, together we can help save the planet one plate at a time.

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