Friday, October 07, 2011

Green Wedding Friday - The Centerpiece

My good friend Jennifer Colvin Foster is an environmentally creative florist and fabulous at her work. Her company, Ever After Florals is a mainstay of the Phoenix Wedding and Event Industry. Here she shares her secrets for GREEN centerpieces:

When designing weddings for my brides who are more “green” or environmentally cautious, I always try to give them plenty of options.  One of the most exciting places to design for is the reception.  The reception is the place where most of the décor is necessary to make things look amazing.  Here we must tie in with the theme or the style of the wedding that the bride & groom have chosen and make sure our centerpieces fit that overall look.
Here are a few ideas for GREEN centerpieces:
I always first suggest fresh flowers.  To stay green, you will need to choose in season blooms from local farms.  If you have trouble with local farms, then try for blooms from close to home such as California.  Don’t be afraid to ask for organically grown flowers as there are some types available.  Using tulips in spring and Sunflowers in the summer, you are using the types of flowers that are available when nature wants them to be.  Nothing is forced or brought in from overseas.    Be sure to ask your florist what is available and when.  They will be able to provide that information for you with each season.
Use materials such as greenery, pinecones, twigs, tumbleweeds and rocks.  Some of which can be found on a fun trip up north or even in your own backyard.  Including some of these items can make a very profound statement, especially if your floral designer is creative and can do amazing things with these items.  Whether it be tying them to your containers or even using them to decorate the aisle or arch at the ceremony. 
You can also be very savvy by making your centerpieces reusable.  Why not ask your florist to provide centerpieces that can be planted afterwards.  Designing a centerpiece from flowering plants, cactus gardens, or pretty ferns gives a very earthy feel to the table and knowing that these can be planted and enjoyed for years to come vs. tossing them in the trash at the end of the night, is a great way to spend your décor dollars. If done right, these can actually look more interesting and more expensive than some of the flower arrangements out there. 
Get creative!  Don’t just design with flowers & plants.  Tell your florist that you would like something made up of fruits & veggies. There are more organic fruits and vegetables readily available and floral designers can do some wonderful things with those too.  You would be amazed how beautiful a large bouquet of kale can be in a vase.  So can lots of leafy & frilly herbs in various containers.  Also imagine a vase filled with bright happy lemons or fresh green pears.   Add in a few organic soy candles or local made candles and your table will look even more amazing!  
Being green does not have to be hard.   Florists can help you with all your décor needs, even if they don’t necessarily include flowers.   Florists are artists who know how to think outside the box and have the flair to make memorable and remarkable statements using any natural material put in front of them.

Jennifer Foster Colvin is a Master Floral Designer and has been creating florals for Phoenix weddings since 1995. Colvin is a Board Member of the ASFA (Arizona State Florist Association) as well as the Arts and Flowers program at the Phoenix Art Museum.  @Marcia Mauskopf 2010

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