Thursday, September 10, 2009

Weddings 101 - The Do's and Do Not’s of working successfully with your Wedding Vendors

In the busyness of planning a wedding it is sometimes easy to forget the business of doing it, too. Mrs. Hancock's Wedding Consulting and Planning Services has very graciously provided the following tips for making the best of your relationships with your vendors.

The Do's and Do Not’s of working successfully with your Wedding Vendors

Mrs. Hancock and Mrs. Bacon, Wedding Consulting Services

Many of us forget the genuinely appreciated niceties that show our genuine level of caring for others. All successful relationships, love or otherwise begin with kindness and respect. So let’s take this to the next step…

As a Bride and Groom we know you have a lot on your plates. Please realize, your vendors do, as well. All wedding vendors want to do the very best job we can for you; it's what we do and what we do depends on making you happy. If you're not happy, any referrals you may have been willing to send will not come our way and our livelihoods depend on your A+ rating.

Here are a few suggestions that will let your vendors know you respect their time and their expertise. Keeping these in mind will surely go a long way in cementing your relationship and will ensure you come across as kind and considerate, as well:

1). Always keep scheduled appointments, please. Emergencies are just that and one may pop up on either side at any time and we understand! When you schedule an appointment, be diligent about writing it down in your calendar, please. If your spouse-to-be needs to be in your meeting, put it on his calendar, too. A suggestion: send a text to him the morning of reminding him where he needs to be and at what time. As our time is very valuable, it may take us 40 minutes to get to you one-way and then we may need to be on the other side of town after our meeting with you. Or it may be that our calendar is booked steadily for a particular afternoon. When you cancel, are late or reschedule at the last minute it can cause us great professional harm.

2). Please always return phone calls promptly from your vendors (same day if possible). Our policy at Mrs. Hancock’s is from 7am to 12 midnight (unless it’s an emergency!).
Afford us as many contact numbers to reach you as you’d like.

3). When requested to provide information please be thorough and organized. Nothing is worse than making out seating cards and misspelling a guest’s name for example. Take your time with the details.

4). Always be on time for meetings! Punctuality is a sure sign of respect and good will.

5). Graciously accept you vendor’s input and suggestions. You’re always the final decision maker; but vendor’s are trained to think outside the box hopefully saving you time and money. No talented planner or coordinator will ever push their will on you.

6). Please budget for your down payments, due dates and final payments accordingly, always paying on time. Post dated checks handed off to your vendor will allow you ease, without having to mail or drop off a check to ensure it arrives when due.

7). Please respect your budget during planning. We can be miracle workers, but if you continue to add services or time, remember we may have to charge you additional fees.

8). Further, please don’t use the ‘I’ll call you on Tuesday or I’ll bring your deposit next week”. If you’re not interested in working with a vendor, that’s fine; we can take it! Not everyone will be a great fit and that’s what meetings and interviews are for. Please don’t string a possible vendor along.

9). Have a question? Ask, please! No question or issue is too small or too mundane for a professional coordinator. It is our job to inform and educate you.

10). Ask for references; always! A good vendor will be happy to provide you with strong references. Be on the look out for business who cannot provide references.

11). Communicate openly and honestly with your Vendors. Things will always come up or change; but we can’t assist you if we don’t truly understand your needs and/or concerns.

12). At a meeting consider paying for your Vendor’s coffee! Such a seemingly small gesture goes a long way toward letting your new employee/vendor know they’re appreciated.

Using these simple tips will keep your relationships running smoothly with your vendors and you’ll find, treating them with respect and kindness will go a long way to ensuring the planning process is as much fun as it can be!

Mrs. Hancock
Mrs. Hancock’s, Inc.

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