Saturday, September 19, 2009

Scorpion Sting 3 Years Later

Today marks three years since the day I became a true Arizonan with my one and only scorpion sting. We live in true scorpion country...a swatch of Phoenix/North Scottsdale known as "Scorpion Alley" where there is a much higher percentage of the poisonous Bark Scorpion than many other parts of the area. Do we see scorpions? Every once in a while, yes. Do they get in the house? Well, yeah, that's where we usually see them if we're going to. Is it a big deal? Only if you get stung and make it one.

To celebrate this dubious anniversary, I thought I'd share a poem I wrote while clearing out the toxins from this e-ticket ride (yes, the wedding photographer writes bad poetry, too).

Hmm...does a scorpion bite?

If a scorpion could take a bite with his maw
Would his jaw hurt as much as a clip from his claw?
Would his bite on my leg make my head ring
As much as the toxin from his all mighty sting?

If a scorpion could take a bite with his maw
Would I have spent the whole night on the couch, enthralled
Exquisite pain in my toes, kissed on my lips
Toxins spread to my fingertips.

For the scorpion’s bite is all in his tail
Dagger of fire made my tongue wail.
A heavy syringe of power and lust
One more tiny warrior crushed dead in the dust.

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