Friday, September 18, 2009

Green Wedding Friday - Creative Custom Cardboxes

When planning her own wedding, Marni Gold was searching for a unique and secure way to store gifts and cards at her reception. Frustrated with the gaudy, tacky or just plain expensive options she was repeatedly coming across, she finally created her own custom cardbox that was simple, elegant, and understated while still corresponding with her theme. Out of this project, Creative Custom Cardboxes was born!

Starting at just $40, Creative Custom Cardboxes are as affordable as they are beautiful. Each customer can browse a wide variety of designs at before specifying the exact colors, number of tiers, and types of embellishments that will make her own cardbox one-of-a-kind. A true mother-daughter team, Marni and her mom work closely with their clients to bring their exact visions to life.

Marni uses recycled papier mache in her boxes and recycled/repurposed packaging for her shipping supplies as her contribution to the environment.

While there are few limits to how customers’ cardboxes can be decorated, Creative Custom Cardboxes has on hand a consistent stock of crystals, pearls, and variations of I DO and WE DO letters.

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