Monday, August 24, 2009

Spotting Good Wedding Photography - The Difference Between Black and White and Really Good Black and White.

Beautiful B/W photography has a full tonal range from rich, deep blacks to clean whites. There's more to converting a digital photo to B/W than just hitting a button, and this is one of the ways to determine if a photographer can give you the quality you deserve.

Photo number one is low contrast and a little muddy. Check out number two, though. Sparkling eyes, glowing skin and depth in the background. Doesn't this photo look fully dimensional compared to the first? Which would you rather have framed in your home.

Here at Marcia The Art of Photography I strive to give you the very best quality prints and albums possible. You can always be assured of quality, style and service.

Make sure that you get the beautiful imagery that you expect.

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