Sunday, August 30, 2009

Brides - Are Your Important Emails Going In The Junk Pile?

Hmmmm....just got an email from one of my favorite wedding coordinators asking me to please contact our mutual bride as she hadn't yet heard from me...but here's the thing, I emailed said bride two days ago and was starting to wonder why I hadn't heard from her!

In these days of too much trash emails, spam filters, junk mail filters, etc. we need to all be particularly vigilant in keeping track of who we've corresponded with and when it has been too long for a response back. I am ever so grateful that our bride let her coordinator know that she hadn't heard from me (and bummed that she evidently didn't get the nice email I sent her). I had it on my mind that if I hadn't heard from her by Tuesday that I was going to call her to follow-up. Now she'll get a phone call tomorrow morning instead.

One way I've found to combat the spam issue is to use Facebook messaging. I'm not saying it's perfect, as I have had a couple of messages delayed, but so far it has reliable and I don't have to worry about messages being labeled "spam" or "junk".

Soon-To-Be-Marrieds, make sure to add any wedding vendors you are in contact with to your address book and ask them to add you to theirs. Try to avoid what happened to me this weekend and save yourself time in the process. We're here to work for you despite what our computers have in store for us.

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