Monday, June 29, 2009

PUPPY LOVE - Spreading The Love On A Hot, Hot Day.

(this one is for my puppy love clients, present and future ;-))

All my dogs have loved ice cream...dripping from the cone, slurping the bottom of my bowl, pushing a cup of Frosty Paws across the patio. My fabulous pup hotel Applewood Pet Resort makes the good stuff available to the "kid" when we drop her off and J. is such a sucker when they ask how many they should give her.

I recently started taking Zuri to Fido's Fun House for nail trims and Janice, our groomer, let me in on a secret - "it's really easy to make".

Last night we made our first batch of PB & Banana ice cream for Zuri. In it's most simplistic form, it's just a 50/50 blend of plain yogurt and peanut butter, whirled in the blender until smooth, then poured in Dixie Cups to freeze. We did a bit more. I tried it and it turned out great. Vary the ingredients to taste, here's what we did:

16 oz. Fage Greek Yogurt
1 really big scoop of Skippy Peanut Butter
1/2 banana

Super easy, just blended til smooth and since I'm Ms. Eco-Green, we poured into ice trays. This made 2 ice trays worth plus. Zuri loves it so much that she sat next to me while I emptied the trays into storage and as scraps fell to the floor, happily licked them clean ;-)

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Communications said...

Libby is gonna be jealous when she sees this ... and Rainy is going to thank you when he gets his first batch.
>>Dave Reynolds