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Get Married Your Way - July 18, 2009 Only

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I wanted to extend to my readers an offer being made by Phillip and Gwen Waring of Bella Vista Chapel in Scottsdale, AZ. They can be reached at 480-502-0707 The beautiful image is by

I thought this an interesting concept, so I will be photographing two of the weddings offered that day with payment agreed in the same manner as the chapel. Please read on and let me know what you think of Phil's idea and how you might participate.

Phil writes:

I could not believe the first time I heard the guarantee advertised by Omaha Steaks. "Satisfaction guaranteed or your money back." I thought, "How could anyone do that?"

Surely people would take advantage and get their money back by demanding a refund for perfectly fine meat. But the meat warranty continues today and with uncertain courage, the same guarantee has been adopted by Arizona Ministers. If a couple is unhappy with anything I say or do, I will give them their money back.

Interestingly, in my 32 years of leading weddings, no one has ever asked for their money back. I have given three couples all or part of what they paid me because I wasn't happy about something, but I have never been 'taken advantage of' because I offer guaranteed quality.

Nothing gives confidence like an iron-clad, money-back, satisfaction guaranteed warrantee. Hampton Inn will refund your money if you are unhappy. That proclamation of quality assurance gives consumers confidence that this business wants to keep doing business by doing things right.

Now, a new challenge to demonstrate quality has been introduced in the valley. The Wrigley Mansion Club has been offering meals on their lunch menu priced: pay what you think it's worth.

As with the meat warranty, when I read this I shook my head and asked, "How could any business survive letting the customer determine the value?" Surely someone will leave two cents for a $7.50 club sandwich!

You don't see The Wrigley Mansion Club, annual dues $10, on the black list of distressed, foreclosing, or for sale hotels, resorts, golf courses and restaurants in Arizona. In fact, The Wrigley Mansion Club seems to be doing pretty well in-spite of the customers determining the price of lunch.

I have to admit, I am challenged. Can I step-up to letting a couple decide the value of their marriage officiant?

Does the average bride and groom know that I have a mortgage, health insurance, car costs and all the expenses they have? Would they just tip me $10 when I have invested thousands of dollars in marketing and advertising so they could find me in the first place? Are people that cheap and insensitive?

I am willing to trust people.

July 18, a couple can get married by me, at Chapel Bellavista, with up to 30 guests and pay what they think it was worth. We'll have the chapel ice cold, the cactus garden groomed and lots of chilled sweet water from our well. The bridal suite and the bell tower will be theirs. The entire day is available for this two-hour wedding package.

Is there a florist that will provide flowers for whatever our couple thinks they are worth? Let me know NOW.

Is there a invitation shop that will print invitations for whatever our couple thinks they are worth? Let me know NOW.

Is there a musician or music group that would perform for whatever our couple thinks they are worth? Let me know NOW.

Is there a photographer that will spend two hours, provide photos and get paid whatever our couple thinks they are worth? Let me know NOW.

Is there a video company that will shoot, edit and give a DVD for whatever our couple thinks it's worth? Let me know NOW.

Don't know if anyone will join me, but I am going to offer this wedding to any couple for whatever they think it's worth! Will anyone do their reception for what the couple thinks it's worth? Let me know NOW.

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