Monday, June 01, 2009

Wedding Photo Tips - Top 10 Reasons To Hire A Professional Wedding Photographer

10. Uncle Al has a great camera but "used" to have a drinking problem.

9. Your bff was going to give you the photography and a scrapbook album but got
an offer to go to the Bahamas on Your Weekend with the man of her dreams.

8. Disposable cameras, need I say more?

7. The Disc Jockey's baby sister is a really good amateur photographer who dreams
of being a wedding photographer...someday.

6. Your friend that got that travel photo published in a "big magazine" has a
really good really good camera...can you say back-up equipment?

5. Your brother says he'll take care of taking pictures in between picking up on
your college room mate and your new husband's secretary.

4. "I thought I had a memory card in the camera!"

3. Your mom's friend has a friend, who has a friend...who doesn't want to know you
but wants your wedding in his sample portfolio.

2. That photography student thought that jeans and a "tuxedo tshirt" really would
be appropriate for your black tie dinner.

...and the number 1 reason to hire a professional photographer is (drum roll, please):

You want Beautiful photographs that document all the emotions and events in this first day of your family history captured by a dependable professional who takes the time to get to know your tastes, your style, your desires and gives you all of that and more.

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