Tuesday, December 02, 2008

Weird, Wacky Places and Ways I want to Shoot Wedding Portraits

A list for brides who don't mind getting dirty:

A laundromat
A mom and pop grocery
On a stoop eating ice cream cones
The hot dog cart by the Orpheum Theatre
Surrounded by Peacocks
Jumping into a pool
Underwater? YES! underwater (preferably a destination wedding in the Carribean)
On a motorcycle
Skateboards, anyone?
Playing on Railroad Tracks (oh yeah, been there, done that)
Lying on the ground with puppies, lots of puppies...
Dogwalking really alot of dogs
Playing in the snow

...what's the most insane place or way you'd like to have a series of your wedding portraits done? What kind of ideas do you have?


Katie said...

Umm, I love all these ideas!!! If you do them, I'm going to need pics!

Marcia Mauskopf said...

Not if...when.

I've found that if I actually take the time to write something down and make it public I will get it done.

The underwater one will be the mst challenging.

Thanks for posting!