Friday, November 20, 2009

Wedding 101: Professionalism - It Cuts Both Ways.

Hiring vendors for your wedding? A while ago I published a wonderful guide to manners that was written by the equally wonderful Mrs. Hancock who runs among other things an etiquette division with her consulting business.

Today I'd like to illustrate the uglier side of what happens when a couple fails to contact a vendor when they change plans. The quote below is from my FaceBook page written in fierce frustration:

"Please know that when that professional agrees to an appointment with you that time is blocked out for you and you alone, no other job can be taken for that time. At the risk of sounding unprofessional, Thanks to the couple who booked a time with me 4 days ago then didn't show up. I turned down a last minute job to honor my commitment to you...your actions cost me $200. Thank you."

Only a few days after I wrote this, I saw a colleague's status line in which she stated that she had accepted a last minute call to meet with a couple on an already too busy Saturday. Not only did she make time for them, but she arrived early in the hope that if they did also she could give them a little more time...they never showed.

I'm hoping that these are isolated incidences that just happened to happen in the same week...I'm afraid they aren't. As people get increasingly busy, they feel their time is more precious than the people they are doing business with. If you are reading this I hope this isn't you, but if it is, please, before you cancel at the last minute or just don't show, take a moment to consider if the person so generous with their time isn't giving up something to help you with your wedding. Whether it's an extra 20 minutes playing with a baby or turning down real money to honor a commitment to you it's time we can never get back again...if you wouldn't take it away from your mother or bff, why do it to your wedding vendors...just food for thought.


Emily Stark said...

True, true lovely lady. Almost every week I have someone who does not show for their appointment.... and it is also becoming increasingly more popular to show without an appointment.... completely invading a pre-planned day, and causing frustration for the Bride and Groom who are not able to meet with someone... well, because no one knew they were coming.

Marcia Mauskopf said...

Thank you Emily. I wonder what we could do as an industry to educate couples as to the most efficient way for them to plan their wedding ;-D

It just hurts everyone involved when couples either are no shows or show up unannounced.