Friday, November 27, 2009

Green Wedding Friday - Fresh From the Kitchen LLC

Imagine a person that lights up the room and sparkles as she talks, that is innovative and takes the time to not only listen to her client’s needs but finds a way to accomplish their goals and you have the chef/owner of Fresh From The Kitchen, LLC. Noelle Salinas is the creative brain behind one of Phoenix’ newest and brightest catering companies.

I had the pleasure of spending some time with Noelle and couldn’t wait to learn how this young woman started in the catering industry. To my surprise, not only did Noelle start creating desserts at age twelve, but had the maturity at that age to file and claim her current business name. As Noelle grew, she took on more responsibilities becoming a personal chef, working private parties and free-lancing with other catering companies.

In October 2008 Noelle partnered with Theresa Noble to form Fresh From The Kitchen, LLC with Theresa in charge of operations and Noelle handling the creative and consulting end. Their dedication to their enterprise not only embraces excellent business practices but hold an eco-friendly philosophy. According to Salinas, “What makes us green isn't just in what we do (like recycling and using fuel efficient catering vehicles), but in our mind set. We think green and create green through our support of local farmer's markets, buying locally (which helps reduce carcinogens because no "shipping" required), and using as many certified organic foods as possible. Further, we are green by not being wasteful. We make our food very fresh, tasty, and nourishing. This reduces the need to bring tons of extra food that could go to waste; rather, just enough is provided leaving the client happy, full, and minimizing excessive left-overs. We also use herbs and fresh fruits from our yards and use earth friendly cleaning products for the clean-up of our events. We encourage the use of washable dishes eliminating the need for excessive garbage. No styrofoam packaging or otherwise is used by our company. We re-use many of the packing materials that are items come in. We even re-use old copies of business papers that have nothing official on them for taking notes and the like.”

Just like everyone else, I asked Noelle what her favorite dish is to make. Her response? “ I think I would have to say the one you order. I like making all our food items, and I think that is why our food taste better. It's all made with love for what we do.”

Fresh From the Kitchen can be reached at:

Noelle Salinas, Chef/Owner | 602-694-1197 |
Theresa Noble, Director of Operations/Owner | 602-694-2878 |

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