Monday, January 05, 2015

The High School Senior Portrait Conspiracy

Ok, so now that I have your attention...

It's not really a conspiracy, just a contract that makes it easier for the school to do it's job efficiently and give the students a unified look...what am I talking about? The yearbook senior photos!!!

But here's the thing...not all parents realize that they only have to do the official yearbook photo with the contracted photographer..the photos that you want to display in your home and gift your family and friends with can be done by any photographer. School contract photographers are good at what they do best, creating clean standard portraits that offer a consistent and concise look grouped on a yearbook page but the fact of the matter is that they are bound to do an enormous number of portraits in a limited amount of time where as the boutique photographer takes only a limited amount of sessions insuring that each student's portrait is as unique as they are. The average Senior class in the Phoenix Metro area is approximately 500 students and contract photographers are often committed to more than one school. By contrast, I limit my senior sessions to 25 or so per season, so that I can create portraits that truly reflect what's important to your teenager at this transitional and exciting time of life.

Music student Rebecca doing what she loves best, singing!                                                Copyright Marcia Mauskopf

Every Senior deserves a good yearbook photo...and a one of a kind experience that's as individual as they are...take a look at the expanded sessions the contract photographer offers along with samples of that work and if you like it by all means one stop shop...but if you are looking for something different remember that you can have more than one photographer to save these particular memories.

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