Tuesday, June 07, 2011

Client Spotlight: Heather Hunter, Holistic Psychotherapist

I recently had the honor to work with Heather Hunter, Holistic Psychotherapist, Medical Intuitive and Director of Casa Mariposa on updating her head shots.

Combining traditional training with her intuitive awareness and gifts, Heather confidently addresses all levels of mind, body, and spirit wellness. Often Heather is immediately drawn to and able to identify the source of your physical and /or emotional pain. Heather receives specific intuitive impressions and often detailed information enabling her to make the connection between symptoms/ illness and life event or emotional or physical trauma. A one-time assessment can be very beneficial if you are open, receptive, and ready for change, or Heather can devise treatment plans for continued sessions. Heather's training in individual and family systemic theories integrates seamlessly with her intuitive skills to effectively target a client's life areas requiring the most attention. Heather is experienced in working with families and children and is an advocate for new and better ways to counsel, heal, and support children and adolescents. http://www.HeatherMHunter.com/.

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