Thursday, March 31, 2011

Brides and Grooms….Yes, it’s appropriate to Tip……by Mrs. Hancock

A new post from one of my favorite guest bloggers. From Weddings to Etiquette, the team at Mrs. Hancock are experts and I so appreciate my relationship with them. Today, learn the proper protocol for tipping at weddings.


We get asked quite often about the protocol around tipping wedding vendors.  In two words:  Please, do.  We know this is not necessarily common knowledge, so we’re very happy to share and consider it our duty to inform you here.  We always want you to come across as kind and knowledgeable.
Your DJ, your florist; all the people who work so hard to make your day a rousing success appreciate an envelope at the end of the evening.  Sure, you’ve paid them, you both signed a contract for a specific dollar amount.  But what about all that ‘above and beyond’ work?  The extras provided and hopefully all wedding professionals provide during the months leading up to your event?  Additional meetings; the phone calls, texts, e-mails, proposals, additional requests from the Bride for any given thing, the drive time and, the great work at the event itself?  When vendors are meeting with you, talking with you on the phone, spending time driving to your possible venue, they’re not out getting new business.
The amount you ask?  That’s entirely up to you, as with any tipping and always according to the level of service you’ve received.  The rule of thumb: Typically 15-25%  and do consider that most professional vendors do the best they can at providing value.  Most don’t over charge and we know with the economy the way it is and with Brides’ budgets having been drastically reduced the past few years vendors have very tight margins.  Your vendors take care of you and care about you; consider taking care of them.

A lot of professionals in the wedding business don’t accept referral fees. At Mrs. Hancock’s we ask that any referral dollars be given to our clients.  So, your Planner for example, should also be passing along any referral monies that may be offered.  Venues and vendors tend to afford Planners better pricing than if you walked into their place of business on your own.  Those connections take time to cultivate and hours visiting and proving how valuable we are and the difference we can make with our good work.  All vendors rely on your terrific testimonials, referrals and hopefully an envelope at the end of the night.  If your budget is tight around the wedding, you may send a check to your professional at any time after your event, doing so with a hand written card, is especially sweet and memorable.
So, know that your vendors look to you to afford them an ‘Atta' girl’ or an ‘Atta' boy!’ Your tip is a sign of your respect and appreciation for a very hard job, well done.

Thank you for reading and thank you so much for taking care of your wedding professionals.  They and, we at Mrs. Hancock's Wedding Planning and Consulting, appreciate it greatly.

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