Wednesday, January 12, 2011

New Business Ideas for The New Year

Anyone else as excited for the start of a new year as me? I am so ready to put the past recession to bed and embrace the bustling new economy (and make mucho money, too). I've been thinking a lot about ways to promote career security and have come up with some thoughts I'd like to share:

Diversification: When I moved to Arizona I was intent on keeping my focus as exclusively a wedding photographer, now I'm looking at any and every way I can make money using my talent and training. From photographing sweet puppies to finding ways to sell my images as fine art it's all good as long as it's legal ;-) What are you doing to stay self employed and loving it?

Creating Multiple Sources of Income: Today I monetized my blog, adding Google AdSense and Amazon so I can sell the products I love and have recommended for free. In my future? I'm thinking E-books, notecards and maybe even building a stock images collection. What can you do to create multiple sources of income for yourself?

Staying Creative: Did anyone else have a Creativity Freeze when the money started drying up? I know I did and I never want to be in that position again. 2011 is going to be the year of trying new things, from different camera techniques and equipment to new recipes and different art mediums...When I make something new I'll share it with you, proving my commitment to my creativity...what will you be doing to pursue your bliss?

Charitable Activities: This will be the year of giving for me. I am focusing on animal rescue groups and could use some help. If you have a favorite rescue, let's talk. Let's see what we can do to help some great animals and maybe some new clients for me, too ;-)

I'm looking forward to watching how my business grows in 2011 with these new plans, hopes and dreams. I'd like to take you along for the hop in, shut the door and hang on, 2011 Here I come!

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