Wednesday, December 01, 2010


So, what happens when you go camping in a forest that is just steps outside of an historic town and your significant other is addicted to American Pickers? You have him poke his head out of the tent on Saturday morning while you're building a fire to hear "Wanna Go Garage Saleing?"

Hmmmmm, breakfast next to a campfire with a view to a lake, or sitting in the car all morning...guess I really love him. now you must be thinking "Whaaaaaat?" Yeah I know, the car show. So, we're driving through downtown Prescott and there is a fair at Heritage Park and, you guessed it, a Rod Show. I looooove old cars and this made the morning magic for me. There's just something so sensual about the old designs, the big rounded fenders and all the chrome. I could spend hours photographing metal.

Here is just one of the images I came up with.....sometimes the simplest pleasure come from doing something that pleases someone else, just being along for the ride.

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