Friday, June 25, 2010

Green Wedding Friday - Reduce, Re-use, Recycle, SURPRISE!

Ever walk into an antique store, pick up a box or tin and open it, half expecting a surprise? Some ancient love note or a few dollars left hidden for you to discover in the dark recesses of that opened container? I love hidden suprises, and when I can re-purpose a container it's even better.

Today I want to share a couple of treats...edible, re-useable, a business tool for me, a DIY wedding favor for you.

I love, love, love Moo Cards which are made in England. They are chewing gum sized business cards. The beauty in Moo Cards is that you can have a different photo on every card in the same order. They all have to have the same text on the back, but anything and everything can go on the front. Business cards for me, a mini album of your happiest times for your guests.

Vintage style tins are in right now, from Altoids gum to Jones Soda candies and Trader Joe's Chocolate Nibs. We all like to have a package of some sort of breath fresheners at hand, so use products in these long skinny tins, save them, and refill with Moo cards of your adventures as a couple with your names and wedding date on the backs. Your guests will think they are going home with a tin of candy til the first person at the table opens their box to find the sweetest treat of all, You!

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