Wednesday, April 14, 2010

Wedding 101: Destination Engagement!

Remember when he asked you? Remember where you were? Don't you wish a photographer had secretly been there? Or, how about this...your best memories are together at that vacation destination, or the cabin you spend summer weekends at. Well, how about making new memories at that special place and creating captivating engagement photos at the same time?

Destination Engagement sessions are gaining fast popularity as couples want to capture that place that is as special as their love and many photographers are happy to accompany you to your favorite place for an expanded engagement session that includes their favorite locations. Transporting your wedding photographer to your special place is often a great way to create a collection of images for display at your wedding that will have the WOW factor you are looking for.

Imagine walking down the Vegas strip with the lights of Tinseltown as a sparkling backdrop or sitting amongst the trees along Oak Creek in Sedona. Maybe he (or you) popped the question on a sidewalk cafe in Santa Barbara or over coffee in Tucson. The place that became special because of an event is the perfect place to make your engagement pictures amazing.

Or, maybe you both are passionate about an activity you share, road tripping on your motorcycles or hiking the Grand Canyon. Again, taking your photographer with you for a little photosafari can make your engagement photos one of a kind.

Talk with your photographer about the possibilities for this unique experience. Considerations may be weather, travel rates, permit fees for using certain locations and of course how to dress and any props or accessories to bring. Also, talk about the kind of products that will work for you. If your photographer knows that your ultimate goal is a coffee table book, then her approach might be different than if the goal is three 24x30 vertical prints that are going over your couch. Make sure that you do this session far enough ahead of the wedding to be able to have the products you desire in time to show off at your wedding. Production times vary, but some items such as custom albums can take several weeks, so keep this in mind as your booking this session.

Your investment in this session may be part of your wedding package, an upgrade, or a la carte. Usually it will be based on expenses that the photographer will incur for travel, perhaps additional time as it may be an expanded session (half day, full day) and special products like a coffee table book or print collection.

Breaking out of the box to do your engagement session away from home will give you images that not only show your love, but show it in great travel style.

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