Monday, March 08, 2010

SIMPLE PLEASURES: Town and Country Farmer's Market

It's often the personal part of a photographer that wins over the person on the other side of the camera. Simple Pleasures is that personal side of me.

Part of the inspiration for a photographer is in everyday things. Immersing oneself in a situation and documenting the moment. Last week we went to the farmer's market, a kaleidescope of scent and color in fresh air. My bag quickly filled with tomatoes and cukes, celery and radishes like I'd never seen...French Breakfast Radishes. I was told to slice thin, spread butter and salt on them, mmmmmm. I've never been much of a radish fan, but these changed my mind (and it didn't take that soft sweet butter to persuade me). These radishes taste as good as they look. Crispy with almost no bite and very slightly sweet.

An adventure with my camera that brought a new delight for my table ;-)

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