Friday, October 16, 2009

Green Wedding Friday - The Boojum Tree Hidden Gardens

Boojum Tree Hidden Gardens is a wonderful venue for your green wedding. Beautifully appointed with lush gardens and architecture, you need bring in very little to enhance the already beautiful surroundings. The Boojum Tree makes re-useable centerpieces available as well as suggesting plants as centerpieces that can be later given as favors.

Tasha Miller, event specialist at this venue, offers tips to her couples to help cut down on waste while offering suggestions on favors that will really be used rather than looked at once and thrown away.

Internal changes have helped make The Bojum Tree earth-friendly, too. Set-M-Up Bartending (inhouse bar service) makes recycling a priority and the office had gone paperless, offering you the convenience of email for your communication.

Whether you are looking for unique architecture or getting close to nature, Boojum Tree is a really lovely place for a wedding celebration.

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