Friday, July 31, 2009

Green Wedding Friday - Ollie The Trolley's Gone Green!

Any time you can transport a group of people at one time you save gas, pollute less, and have an opportunity for a little party. I'm all for that and that's why Ollie The Trolley has always been one of my favorite suggestions to couples planning multiple locations on their wedding day. Now the nice people at Ollie have gone one

Bio-diesel is sustainable because it is regrown instead of just taken from the earth. It supports our farming industry and runs cleaner than diesel, emitting less sulfur dioxide,carbon dioxide, carbon monoxide and particulate matter. It even helps lengthen engine life as a natural lubricant for moving parts. The best part? Those ugly fumes coming out of most buses that we choke on? No it smells like fried food!

Congratulations to Ollie The Trolley for making the decision to help sustain our planet while making mass transportation for events a party on to itself.

P.S. Ollie The Trolley is now a part of our Great Green Vendors List, helping you qualify for a rebate on your wedding photography available through Marcia The Art of Photography.

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