Monday, May 04, 2009

Wedding Photo Tips - Your Engagement Session...your first date with your photographer

In this economy couples are cutting back on their wedding expenses and that is understandable. More and more I am seeing on wedding forums discussions on whether or not it is worth the money to do an engagement session. I wanted to take a moment to show the other side of the discussion, The big reasons to do an engagement session.

Your engagement session is our first date. This is a crucial step in learning to work together from both sides of the camera, a special time for us to warm up to one another. The greatest factor in having successful wedding photos starts right here, right now. We need to learn to trust each other and start working toward a comfortable relationship.

Never before has being comfortable with your chosen photographer become more important. Many people misunderstand the concept of photojournalism...they think that means the photographer is going to just document the day without involvement. Truly great photography in this genre is exactly the opposite. It is the photographer being involved and using many tools during the day including interviewing techniques and gentle direction.

By working with you photographically before your wedding and analyzing the results I can learn the best ways to capture your real and true personality. Our first time together will help me find your best looks, from a broad smile to just a hint of one or maybe no smile at all for a more dramatic look. The benefit to you is in learning to trust that I will never do anything to make you feel uncomfortable and can truly capture those moments that are once in a lifetime as well as doing it in a way that will show you to your very best.

Your engagement session can be done where you'd like, adding to the enjoyment of your day. Many people choose to incorporate their favorite activities, from morning coffee together, to shopping or a sports activity. Enjoy the beach or other special location? that can be done, too.

Let's make sure to take the time to get to know each other before it really counts. Let's go on a first date, make some memories, capture some images and start the foundation toward a remarkable first family history book, your wedding album.

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