Friday, September 26, 2008

Sedona and Me

I love Sedona...oh yeah, everyone knows that.

Yesterday we did a fast buzz up to catch a lecture by a friend. You might remember Eric Maisel from the interviews we have done together here on my blog. Eric is regarded as America's foremost Creativity Coach and author of more than 30 books. Eric made a little whistlestop on his way to Santa Fe NM for the Creative Cities Conference to do a dry run of his presentation on ways to create experiences for tourists with artists and we were invited to be part of the audience.

We left Scottsdale at 3 and were on Airport Mesa's Vortex before 5. The trail there is so beautiful and it always feels so good to be at one of the vortices. We didn't have time to do the whole loop but got far out enough to get away from people a bit even though it is a popular trail.

I was starving after that (yeah, I know, I'm always starving) so we tried Red Rock BBQ back at the Y. It was FANTASTIC! J. got the pulled pork sandwich and the damn thing was 3 inches high!!! even the people at the next table were asking him how he was going to get his mouth around it. The prices are as good as the food and I love that I can get a 1/4 rack of baby backs.

By then it was almost dark and time to get to the Sedona Creative Life Center. We got to see the beautiful building and chapel right before Eric spoke. I'm going to find out if they do weddings here and see if I can get involved with that.

Back in the Car and home by 11pm with a side trip to Sonic for late night shakes. Sweet.

Me on Airport Loop Trail

Me and Eric Maisel...yeah, I know, the itty bitty flash on my blackberry is really crappy, but the battery in my camera went mysteriously dead on the trail...damn that magnetic energy! ;-P

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